Need a clearer understanding of your mitigation options? Our comparison table highlights the major differences between applicant-sponsored mitigation and mitigation banking.

Applicant-Sponsored Mitigation Banking
Requires purchase and/or dedication of land for mitigation.
Requires approved Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (HMMP) prior to permit issuance.
Requires applicant to post letters of credits or bonds for permit issuance.
Requires conservation easement approved by Corps’ legal counsel, often prior to grading.
Requires long-term management plan prior to grading.
Requires 3rd party non-profit for CE compliance and long-term management plan.
Requires non-wasting endowments for CE compliance and long-term management, reporting, and maintenance.
Requires plant installation; five years of monitoring, maintenance; and reporting and compliance with performance standards, including CRAM report.
Requires purchase of credits from an approved mitigation bank only.